Astral Sisters NFT Collection

About the Art

Astral Sisters is a women and planet focused, art centred collection on the Cardano blockchain. 
We aim to create the most visually stunning artworks that could be hung on a wall as well as used as a profile picture.

Astral Sisters emerged from the hand of Gabriela Shel, who painted each trait individually and with a lot of consideration.

The collection of 3333 unique sisters was created by combining over 300 individual traits which were painted by hand in a painterly style. 

The paintings include astronomical and astrological elements, tribal, mythological and magical traits, a variety of body and hair types and even feature cute companions.

The art style is influenced by Old Masters and modern fantasy illustration, creating a unique mixture of painterly, magical realism paintings with cosmic elements and depiction of unique female figures.


If you like astronomy, sci-fi, and spirituality mixed with a tad of mythology, Astral Sisters is for you.

We want to elevate women in the Web3 space and support emerging NFTArtists.

Therefore our goal is to create a vibrant and helpful community where first time NFT Artists will feel welcomed and supported.

We aim to continue growing our emerging community, by connecting people and offering a supportive and kind environment to our members.

Fun events, support, exchange of knowledge will be hosted regularly for members of our community.

About the Community

About the Impact

Astral Sisters are the natural guardians of the world.

They stand for all living creatures, the health of our planet and equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

We want to reinforce that in our mission and support several NGOs in the areas of animal protection, preservation of our planet and providing equal rights and opportunities to women.

As humans that care about the world, we want to donate a percentage of the revenue from the primary sales to social causes.

Members will be able to vote on which NGOs the money goes to.

Other perks

Airdrops to holders

Kind community

Gorgeous art

Unique merch